Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is where funky meets mid-mod! How about some Telefunken! And a bit of vintage Henredon!

We have been having some seriously good luck lately acquiring some great new pieces and here are just another couple of examples!
I'm not sure where that blotch on the first pic came from, but it's certainly not on this very understated Henredon beauty! This chunk of MCM gorgeous is in the catagory of way above your average piece of furniture! Heredon is synonymous with quality and this one is the real deal! Really nice walnut veneers and hardwood pulls, apron and legs with solid brass hardware. One super nice piece that will outlast us all! Although I believe the company is still in business, I know they are not making this kind of kick ass quality anymore! And I'm sure it's no longer made here in the USA...
Anyone know the suite name?
Let's funk this up a bit. We just picked up this German made Telefunken stereo console for a pretty nice deal. Those crazy and efficient German engineerers actually made stuff that may last for awhile and this piece is no exception.
Sure it's got a few finish issues, but nothing that can't be pretty easily rectified. I would have picked this for the cabinet alone. It's got tons of storage around the components. The top is solid and access to the stereo and turn table is all through the front of the cabinet leaving the top totally open for your big screen if that's your thing. Sliding doors to access each side is just way too fun, and this piece has some great lines! Likely early 60's...

Complete with the 45 spindle and all the original books.
To be honest, I would have been happy with just the cabinet in the shape it was in. The bonus was that the stereo worked when I took possesion and the speakers still sound great!
Extra bonus was that the turntable, after a bit of manual help, managed to spin up to speed and sounded great as well. I don't think the platter had turned for very many years and I'm thinkng I'll take and have seviced before I sell or maybe just keep for myself. This piece is going to be hard for me to give up for sale. Keep what you love and give the rest a loving home...I'm really on the fence on this one...


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stunning Percival Lafer brutalist cocktail table just in, and an after look at how our Cherner pretzel chairs turned out...along with a super nice sofa!

I've had the good fortune lately of having some really nice pieces come to and through the store.
Here's our latest addition:

For your viewing pleasure we have one very sweet Percival Lafer designed brutalist style cocktail table. Made in Brazil probably from the late 60's to early 70's. I've seen more than one description of the woods utilized, but it appears to be made from Brazilian rosewood, mahogany, and either teak or jacaranda. No matter the materials, this is one hunk of gorgeous! Both ends fold inward to fold flat and have steel rods that keep them in place when in upright mode with a glass top that's in really nice condition. 
I seriously considered putting this up for auction, but I love having some really nice pieces in house and if this sits a spell, at least I can admire it for awhile...

The above sofa came from the same person that had entrusted their Adrian Pearsall pieces with me to rehab and sell. Below is how it looked when it came to me and I advised the consignor it would not be an inexpensive rehab!

The upholstery had been shredded by her cats and the original foam rubber cushions were for the most part hard as wood. Worth the recovery? No doubt! The floating back on the solid walnut frame alone would have made it worth the money. The seat pulls forward and drops down for a twin size bed and the walnut arms easily slip out of their support brackets. All new foam and recovered, she's a beauty! Thanks to my upholstery pros for another great job!

Last up is the set of 6 Norman Cherner pretzel chairs by Plycraft that I just had to jump on and rehab ASAP! They were honestly too perfectly gorgeous to sit around and languish. I believe they had been kicking around long enough in an abandoned storage unit that they were seriously looking for some attention!  I'm am honored that they came to me for their resurrection.
These chairs had been recovered at least twice in their life and there was no indication of what they were covered in originally so I had no problem taking liberty in the nubby oatmeal fabric I chose. These are a reasonably easy recover in any event. I had to replace a bunch of incorrect or missing machine screws but the frames were in very good to excellent condition and cleaned up nicely!

The original labels were intact on 3 of the 6 chairs and they appear to have been sold as a set either as dining chairs or for high end office seating.

I'd have loved to keep these for myself or even to look at them for a bit in the store, but they required  a broader audience, so if you just have to add these to your collection, they are up for grabs on Ebay for a couple of more days!

Thanks as always for taking a look!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is it just me? I've looked on the boards and I don't think so!

Here's my one blog, sans pics. And it has nothing to do with MCM or Heywood-Wakefield...
Is anyone else out there expriencing problems with up loading pics here on Blogger?
Seems like a button has been deleted or moved somewhere else for the browse files from your computer? I find this very frustrating as I have some pics to share...