Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Italian flat pack / KD chairs that I could use some help identifying...

I love following and authoring mid-mod blogs but lately I've been so tied up actually working on projects I've left both kind of by the wayside to catch up a bit.
The good thing about falling behind on blogs I follow is I can always go back and catch up later!
When I fail to post anything for a long period of time, followers probably think I've died or fallen off the flat edge of the earth. I'm here to say, I'm still around and asking for a little help identifying some Italian chairs I recently acquired.

Although the construction is similar to many of the Yugoslavian manufactured danish inspired surfboard arm chairs that seen pretty common, these are actually Italian made. They came to me with all the original seat bands in good condition. The same can't be said for the frames which are in need of a total refinish. They also came sans any cushions that obviously brought the purchase price down a bit.
Still, they are simply gorgeous and I couldn't pass them up!

Obviously, someone has tried to do a bit of repair work and flipped one of the back support and this will need to be broken apart and addressed along with some other issues but I think these will turn out absolutely drop dead gorgeous when finished.
Any readers out there have any idea who designed these sculptured pieces of furniture of art posing as furniture?
I'll try and be better about following up in this and other projects in the future!
A Modern Line