Monday, November 22, 2010

New Seminole Heights business coming soon!

Is Tampa ready for a new funky, unique, one of a kind and mid-century modern retail location? A Modern Line and Karen Brown Interiors along with the the business acumen of Sherry's Yesterdaze are betting this will be a winning combination! We have recently signed a lease in the 6400 hundred block of N. Florida Ave.Tampa to open a brand new venture that features home furniture and decor items. We hope to be up and running under the banner of Kaleidoscope for the Home with a soft opening on or about Jan 1 2011. Maybe a little sooner depending on circumstances.We will keep everyone posted on the progress as we get things up and running. Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming info.
A Modern Line


  1. my mom got rid of our furniture in 1968; it was all HW stuff, in either wheat or champagne, i don't know which. what i got was my aunt's cast-off set of 1940 not-HW living room furniture, more squared-off and not those HW rounded edges that i so remember, but still blond and i'm glad to have it. it is all glass-covered and i got new glass made for it, but the wood really could use refinishing if i could get that blond. my aunt (who is gone now, too)told me it was "blond mahogany" and the insides of the drawers do look reddish. do you think you could do something with it that's good? how can i find out how much? (i'd probably have to do one piece at a time :) i have a rectangular coffee table, a lamp table, a tv stand-sized kind of table, and two end tables of differing heights--one is a step table and one not--and they all match as believe it or not, this was a "set":) it has the original hardware. pictures can be sent. it's not in bad shape altogether, really, but i sure would like to restore it to 1940!

  2. I'd be glad to take a look at it. If you can send me some pics to or I may be able to assess and come by and take a look if you live nearby. Thanks for your interest!