Friday, July 29, 2011

Nightstand number two and other fun stuff

Well my client was very pleased with their first nightstand and brought in the second one. I thought the first one was a challenge. Boy was I kidding myself. If possible the second one looked even worse than the first one and appeared to have been used as a candle holder. Lots of wax and some major burns in the top.

I obviously couldn't make any promises with this one..

That said I used the same techniques as the first and even I was suprised by how well it turned out. Client is supposed to be by tomorrow and I would say they will probably not recognize this one either.

Not perfect but managed to get the burns down to a shadow of what they were originally.

While I was working on the nightstand I was also busy refinishing some nice vintage Thonet bentwood chairs that a friend of mine was kind enough to swap for some seat recovery work. These were fun as it was the first time working on these chairs. Very well made and reasonably easy to disassemble to work on.

I used the same wheat finish that I used on the nightstand but with only two coats to replicate the process I used in refinishing a Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft dinette table a while back. I recovered the seats in a nice vintage barkcloth fabric that goes great with period and feel of the pieces. They make a great match for the table and I now have up for sale at Kaleidoscope.

If you need to have some of your pieces refinished please feel free to contact me or stop by  Kaleidoscope @ 6415 N. Florida Ave. here in Tampa, Fl 33604 813-234-5800.  We're open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11-6. 11-8 on Thursday and 11-4 on Sunday.
We have a bunch more midcentury and designer items for your consideration. I'm usually in the store on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays or shoot me and e-mail if you have any questions @
Thanks for taking a look. Try to be a bit more regular about posting for those of you interested In MCM in general and Heywood Wakefield specifically.

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