Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Final pics of the Heritage Henredon table...

Just one quick post!! Well, I finally finished with the Heritage Henredon atomic style table that I've taken way longer than expected to return to my friends. Should be able to return in the morning depending on the weather. If you don't like the weather here just wait an hour or so and it's likely to change!

Underside shot. You just have to love these lines!

Here's the table with my customers chair. Pretty nice match!

Even though over budget for the job, I personally really like the results and it's been a great learning experience! All the missing pieces reunited and it's good to take home....

The custom restain on the base and top turned out better than expected, although it took a bit longer than expected to dry down. This turned out to be a very nice match for the chairs and should be a great fit in my friends home. As per request, the table was shot in polyurethane as this is a daily user and the urethane takes a beating over and above a lacquer finish. As a bonus, the overstain on the base took care of some of the wear and tear issues without too much extra touch up work.

Still slogging along on the new website and hopefully I can preview tomorrow. Wish me luck and pass down that bottle of ibuprofen please!!


  1. Looks fantastic! I love the style of that table. You'll appreciate this: My SIL picked up the backs of two Kofod-Larsen chairs today from the refinisher...and when he opened the car door to get them out, they fell out on the ground and got beat back to the refinisher the same day! Grrrrrrr...

    1. I can absolutely appreciate! I'm always hyper-vigilant with my work, but sometimes "fate" intervenes and you start again...Ouch...

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