Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Mid century mash up, and playing a little catch up on former posts...

I been quite busy lately, as always, and just found some time to get this in...
Here's a few finished projects and some new things I'm getting ready to tackle and if you are a bicycle enthusiast, there may be something here for you as well! Let's start with the bicycle...

A few weeks ago my wife acquired this particular piece of Americana from an antiques store somewhere out in the middle of the state. Yup, A 1962 Schwinn Deluxe American!

When I was growing up, Schwinns were the Cadillacs of bicycles. Only the most well off families had them in their stables. Some of my friends had them and I have to admit, I was a bit envious!
Coincidentaly, my wife is hosting a local swap meet for the bicycle lovers this weekend at her store and plans on displaying the bike there.
I recently refinished a desk top on a really nice mid century piece for one of my customers. The desk had a few other issues that needed attention. Loose legs, drawers starting to come apart, but it has a great look!

I love the floating top on this piece. The biggest problem was just use over time. Body oils tend to break down finishes in places and this is a prime example. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but I think I lost some sleep trying to get this right. Finally got it close enough so my customer was satisfied with the results. I'm still working on trying to get better results on the lighter finishes.

This is the same customer that has the really nice Mid-Mod apartment that I'd mentioned in my previous post. He was kind enough to let me take a few pics and although they by no means do his place justice, I think some of you may enjoy! His place needs the attention of a professional photographer:

R's place is mid-mod overload. What great taste! Should have gotten a better shot of the perspective cityscape, Manhattan? perfectly placed above the stairs when you turn around! Alexander Calder mobile? 

Baughman style sofa with Heywood Wakefield end tables topped off with Maurizio Tempestini "brush stroke" style lamps! Yes, they are the real deal. These are some of the most beautiful lamps ever made and my customer has a pair of them! I also love the taste in art! More to come...

Dining area sports sports a really nice vintage quality kind of small art deco buffet. Very nice piece! 

I think the dining set is a bit newer but looks great with his place!

Art for the dining space. Great choice!

Just had to include another shot of the Tempestini lamps. So beautiful!!

Great pebble art over the bed. Yes, I am a big fan of this...

If you don't already have a bar like this, I'm guessing you would love this one!

More great MCM art and a wind up clock that R had restored rather than going the replacement route. Good choice!

Ok, one more piece of swell art and we are out!
How much MCM fun can you fit into one apartment!  Thanks R. for letting me take the time to take some shots to share!

Last up is the assembled H/W table from the last post. Another satisfied customer and I will likely start on their chairs in the near future!

As always, thanks for taking a minute to see what's going on...
Next up...a mid century modern king size headboard/bedroom project that is sure to be challenging!!


  1. That Scwhinn is pretty awesome. I'm always on the hunt for old bikes but everybody that's got one wants to much even though the market on them has stalled a bit. I like all bikes even up to the 70's like the Schwinn Orange Crate. Your desk and table look like they turned out really well.

    1. A childhood freind of mine owned one. He could hold a wheelie for blocks...Too much fun!!

  2. The bike is very cool, and your desk and table came out great! Thanks for the look around your customer's house. Fantastic stuff!

    1. Thanks Dana, I have another customer that is getting ready to close on a great 1969 ranch that I hope to post about in about a month or so. Really great place!