Saturday, May 12, 2012

Danish delight overdue no more...and another Heywood Wakefield headache

I've had this poor abused danish sofa for almost two years waiting for me give it a new life. It's not that I didn't want to get it done before now, but other more pressing projects conspired to eat away at my time. My wife has been pressing to get our living room cleaned out for about as long as this has been sitting there and as I had a short break in the action, this was the time!

I picked it up with this chair as a set but the chair went to a new DIY home months ago. Although pretty close, the sofa and chair were not an exact match as the chair had a slatted back and the sofa is doweled. Both had very dry and deteriorating finishes and those cushions speak for themselves! These were not candidates for Howards or even an overstain. The sofa would have to be completely stripped and restained and the fabric had to go!

The previous owner had tacked this paneling over the seating area which was a mystery to me, as all the bands were still intact and firm. Maybe they were larger body types? This particular type of sofa is pretty easy to disassemble. Ten screws and it basically just unhooks.

You've gotta love the simplicity of how these pieces were designed. Functional and very sturdy! Now for the fun part... This finished looked so dry I assumed it would be quick work to sand it off. Quite a few hours later and lots of sandpaper, it was not going quite as fast as I'd planned. Still it was worth the effort.

Now for a new coat of stain, let dry, reassemble and voila! Ready for a few coats of fresh satin lacquer.

While I was working on the frame I had dropped the cushions and some new clothes off to my very professional upholstery freinds. Got the call they were ready just about the time I was finishing the last coats of lacquer. Perfect timing and a very nice finish to a fun project. This will be heading into the store very soon and ready for someone to adopt for their own!

Next on the "to do" list is a Heywood Wakefield M144 Kohinoor dresser that belong to the same customer I refinished a pair of nightstands for last year. If you have been following the blog for awhile you may remember these sadly abused pieces and the fun I had bringing them back.
One day I'll figure out how to link back with just a simple word or two. This will still get you back to the past if you have an interest...

The dresser is in slightly better shape and at least it doen't have the burn and ink/oil stains that the nightstands did. Still in pretty rough shape though!

I'm already a bit behind on this project, but I've got the first couple of sands down and should be starting the finishing soon! I'll post some after pics when I have this back up to speed...
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  1. The sofa looks like brand new...Great job! I have a little Danish settee in my workshop that's been sitting for ages too. You've inspired me to get busy. Can't wait to see the dresser.

    1. Thanks Dana, For all practical purposes, it is indeed brand new again! I really love the lines of the H/W Kohinoor suite. I'm sure this is going to turn out great!