Friday, July 27, 2012

Bit remiss about posting, but not for lack of projects. Just time!

First up, I have to say that our chair contribution for the exhibit at the Tampa Museum of Art was not only fun but we managed to liberate some of the chairs we brought forth to new homes in the following days! Thanks for all who made it out to this great event! And we made lots of new friends that had never heard of the store. Win-Win!

Yes, all of the above have already found happy new homes along with some others! Can't say I'm surprised!

In the meantime we have had quite a few new very sweet pieces come through, and waiting to come through the door! How about some vintage bullet planters that needed a little TLC?

Much better in melon and avacado! The real deal...

Four Kofabco barstools. Yup, 70's and ready for your own 'Jungle ' room. Totally rehabbed and ready to take home! These adjust from 24" all the way up to 30" and every two inch height in between. Nice touch for specific dimension requirements!
Last, but not least is a super nice Danish Modern room divider we recently acquired. This is in amazingly great condition and ready to fill someones larger space for some separation issues. Found flat against a wall as a bookshelf, this shines from all sides!

Along with this really nice room divider, we picked up a dresser, that in the pics looked to be Brasilia or the Kent Coffey 'Perspecta'.
Coming up next post, another incarnation of another manufacturer that "borrowed" the lines and it fooled me! Very Best Furniture? And some nice Lane tables with tile inlays. Work in progress!!


  1. Congrats on a successful venture with the museum and the subsequent sale of your chairs. Love your other finds, especially the room divider. It's a beauty.

  2. Thanks Dana, Absolutely no attribution to be found anywhere on the room divider. Guess it really doesn't matter as it's great lines speak for themselves!

  3. Lawrence Peabody room divider.