Friday, September 28, 2012

Snapshot of the times...A brief walk through A Modern Line

I normally hold off on posting while I'm in the process of working on some new projects, but it hit me that most of the people that peruse this blog have never seen the store that's the recipient of my labor of love, both out of state and out of the country! Today a brief snapshot or what you may come come across if you stop by...
Please...come on in!

A couple of vintage pretzel rattan tables and a little "Lolita" reproduction currently grace the sidewalk. With our always changing weather it's best not to get too carried away putting items outside. On the left as you walk through the door we have a group of nicely framed and matted prints that are currently on consignment. Two Picassos, a Miro, and a Matisse.
A turn to the right will reveal a nice Kent Coffey "Perspecta" pedestal table and 6 chairs. I really need to change the fabric on these chairs. Although period correct, the seats are ugly! I was going to hold off and offer to replace for the new owner but I don't think I can look at them much longer!

To the left is a Broyhill "Sculptra" server with flip out locking extentions. In the background two pieces of danish style Heywood-Wakefield "Contessa" door bases with shelved hutches from 1959, A Marushka screenprint above, and a pair of Harris G. Strong hand painted tiled art from the 50's along with a nice 5 arm brass and smoky globe chandelier.
More or less straight ahead are a couple of more contemporary pieces that just seemed to fit well with what we do here. A black kidney shaped loveseat with curved walnut legs, a loop/ribbon? chair, a chrome and glass oval cocktail table reminiscent of the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona style and an Eileen Grey E-1027 height adjustable round end/bedside table. A MC Escher block print hangs on the wall to the left and a couple of fun little 50's wrought iron dinette chairs that I rehabbed back to a new life.
The store is about 1600 sf but is not the wide open floor plan of a lot of places, rather two spaces side by side broken into 3 areas on each side. This makes it ideal for setting up separate vignettes for displaying like pieces and periods.

Strolling back through the north side of the spaces we have vintage an Alvar Aalto inspired Thonet chair that I refinished and my upholstery pros built the new cushions per specs. Great looking chair! A set of the ever popular Lane Acclaim tables all refinished, a Lane china, pair of Knoll Saarinen side chairs and an original Van Gaard oil to the right. There's also a funky pop art shade floor lamp (we also have the matching table lamp) and some fun laminate top stacking tables with pencil legs.

Glance to your left and you'll see a nice little Scandinavian/Yugo? surfboard arm occasional chair. Two stacked formica cube tables with one of our vintage bullet planters planted on top. The danish style chair in back is a bit of an a-frame design and may be the most comfortable chair in the store. The curio on the left is my latest concoction of a Broyhill Brasilia china top paired with some 14" pencil legs. Makes for a cute curio and has gotten lots of lookers. How about that 50's inlaid tile table. What a beauty! An original Rya rug, an orange spagetti lamp, a nice string art sailbot and a small record cabinet round out the room.

A few more steps to the west and you come upon a few pieces of Heywood-Wakefield modern line pieces featuring my infamous refinishing skills! An Encore dresser, revolving cocktail table and a Riviera vanity with pouffe stool. A 50's flat arm atomic faced occasional chair with original frieze fabric, a Chromecraft swivel chair also with original fabric, and amorphic plum colored lamp w/acetate and parchment shade, a Jere-esque bird scene, and art deco nude print, some fun ceramic 50's nightstand lamps and 4 zebra print barstools I recently rehabbed. Someone out there has a "Jungle" room that needs to take these home!
Across the room you'll find a more contemporary BoConcept sofa/bed and matching ottoman that a consignor had brought by. Certainly not vintage, but works well with the rest of our MCM tradition, very good quality and for way below retail pricing. I don't mind taking on a piece or two of newer contemporary items if they can be worked in. This is matched with another H/W corner table and yet another marbled black and pink laminate top corner table with hairpin legs and another hairpin legged atomic boomerang formica topped center table with a low slung rack. This would be a great TV stand and it was in it's past life. And yet another blonde formica and black corner table. Some fun chaulkware figurines adorn the walls along with some nice framed prints. 
Let's take a look at the south side of the store!

Well, technically the solid walnut Bissman tall nightstand are in the front entryway topped with some fun glassware and a little 50's fiberglass shade lamp. The Bissman pieces are not likely to be around long and have caught everyones eye coming in. We have some really nice vintage curtains as a backdrop for a nice 60's chest of drawers, a early 40's Streamline Heywood-Wakefield student desk and a great little solid maple? 50's chair that I recovered. Also a black/gold chrome dinette chair doubling as a desk chair.

A vintage Stiffle 3 globe tension/pole lamp helps light up a H/W server base in original champagne finish. Reputed to have belong to Martha Stewart cousin? Go figure... Above that is a 1967 signed relief oil that begs you to look at from different angles. Across the way is a piece I just finished. Solid oak 60's desk. It came with a matching chair, but I haven't gotten around to refinishing as yet. The desk is the star at any rate! Topped with a nice vintage abstract and hanging lucite swag lamp.

My favorite piece of furniture resides here in the next vignette, a custom made 1950's two piece sectional from Modernage furniture out of Miami. If I owned a ranch house with room, this would not even be for sale! Just got in this 1962 cream colored Barcalounger recliner that I've been threatening to take home as well. A sunburst Mediterranean style clock, a nice vintage abstract, three legged formica cocktail and swagged teak cone lamp compliment the room. Also in this larger room resides a Brohill Premier "Modern Classic" china cabinet full of matte white ceramic pieces from several MCM manufacteres. This all paired with a nice vintage reproduction Eames chair and ottoman and  a newer Muno XL Giant floor lamp and a couple of teak wall mount cream globes. One good looking room!
One more room to go!

This room features some more Florida centric pieces we have to offer. Lots of Heywood-Wakfield, both refinsihed and perhaps in need of a bit of love that are on consignment. Gotta love the 3 globe floor lamp with the fiber shades and the atomic shadowbox. All the pieces on the first shot have been refinished! Second pic is a H/W Ashcraft table that I refinished along with some nice vintage bent birch Thonet dinette chairs. Yup, these also fell into the refinish vortex with some nice barkcloth recovery of the seats. China in the next shot has been refinsihed but the center table and stingray back chairs were brought in on consignment. I would be happy to refinish for someone that falls in love with this particular set. The last pic features a really nice vintage loveseat in teal leather along with a vintage ratten boomerang table, white vinyl vintage Carter Bros. barrel chair, and another vintage buller planter.
Just an aside to anyone who happens upon this paticular post. I would be happy to provide detailed pictures of any particular item and would be happy to work with you in shipping items. I have in the past shipped across the country and even to out of country buyers. Just send me an e-mail or contact me here on the blog.
Hope you had some fun taking a look!
A Modern Line


  1. The store looks impeccable! Your merchandising is simply beautiful, and you have great pieces. I enjoyed looking through each and every photo!

    1. Thanks Dana, I'll pass the compliment along to my wife whos decorating skills far exceed my own. I've gotten my hands slapped more than once for misplacing pieces in my own attempts! I can make suggestions from time to time though : )

  2. Oh man I'm in love with half of your inventory! Now I need to plan a trip to Tampa.

    1. Hey Bec, Look forward to meeting you! With any luck you'll have a bunch of new stuff to see when you arrive!

  3. Wow, impressive. I enjoyed the tour and all of the well planned vignettes. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Rachael, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my little walk through! Probably won't be a regular theme, but thought some might like to see where my projects end up...

  5. My curiosity has been thoroughly satisfied. Great pics,really like the layout.

    1. Thanks Dave. It's funny, I totally missed one whole vignette with a 4 piece sectional but it ended up selling yesterday. Things change up pretty regularly which is a good thing!

  6. Maybe next summer we'll plan on dropping by during our vacation roadtrip. I'd love to hang out and talk the shop! You have got SO MUCH great stuff in there!

    1. Thanks for the compliments! Summer is kinda brutal down here in Tampa land. Mid winter is soooo much nicer! Looking forward to some of that cooler weather in the next month or so. Definetly let me know when you guys are around and I'll be looking forward to doing the shop talk and maybe some shopping! If you're driving, let me know ahead and I maybe able to point out some good haunts on the way!