Thursday, September 5, 2013

Charles and Ray Eames dinette set and what appears to be a somwhat rare Broyhill "Facet" suite dresser/credenza...and a few pieces of pretty swell art as well!

I'd prefer to be posting this as a rehab project especially for the Broyhill Premier series nine drawer dresser I recently acquired. As what is increasingly normal, I neglected to get some before pics of said dresser/credenza. I'm always pushing to get a start on new projects and don't always remeber the camera. Duh!
My wife stumbled upon a CL posting for this particular piece a week or so ago and as I'm the 'go-to' guy for furniture acquisition she said take a look!
Broyhill Premier series nine drawer dresser from the 'Facet' suite.
I've rehabilitated loads of the Premier stuff from the Brasilia, Saga, Sculptra, and Emphasis suites but this was my first 'Facet' piece and quite frankly, I could find next to nothing for info on this particular suite. Just a couple of pics and next to no info. It's just as well made (perhaps better) with some great lines. Maybe it was short lived due to production costs? I doubt much was produced hence the lack of information. When I procured this piece, I saw the potential.
The real potential with this cabinet were with double fold back center doors that hid 3 long drawers. Dressers are great but TV credenzas are a lot hotter property in the store and with the top two of the center drawers and glides removed, it was a simple matter of installing some hardboard and drilling some holes for cord/cable access to create the perfect place to hide your cable, dvd, blu-ray player or game consoles. And, oh yeah, I had to refinish the some what scratch covered top. It wasn't horrible but enough to be a distraction. Some Min-Wax golden oak mixed with some early american made for a dead on match to the original color! I enjoy the challenge of getting the mixes just right especially when I hit it the first go round.

My piece was missing the original "Facet" label but I managed to find just the one example for reference!
 When you are looking for new merchandise it's much more of a serendipitous search rather than looking for someting specific. Seems the harder you seek a particular item, the harder it is too find. Better to let the pieces fall where they will. I always ask customers if they are looking for something in particular and many just answer they are waiting for a piece to find them. Yup!
Acquired this Charles & Ray Eames dinette table with 3 avacado vinyl and foam chairs over the fiberglass shell chairs with a 42" chrome stemmed table with cast aluminum bases and cherry edge white formica top table. Yes, all the pieces have original HM labels with a delivery date of Jan. 1970.
Sure there as a few scuffs in the outside welting of the vinyl on the seats and some scuffs on the cherry edging and the aluminum bases show a bit of oxidation although cleaned up. Other than that, these were pretty pristine. No cuts or nick in the vinyl and all the stiching was intact. Sweet!

These were found on a CL ad as a 60's/70's table and chairs. No attribution was given in the ad and when my wife brought it to my attention, it certainly did get my attention. They weren't giving this away but I didn't pressure when told they really wanted to get the price they were asking.
I'm really lucky to have some great consignors with a real knack for finding some swell pieces of original art! I'd love to have found these myself, but when you offer consignment you can offer a much broader and deeper inventory than I have the time to hunt for.
Here's a few of the latest examples although we have no lack of nice pieces in house:

These are all original oils or acrylics and the top piece is a very large impressionist of the Golden Gate Bridge that my photog skills do no justice. Stunning. The second may be a studio piece but has a nice MCM flavor and dating and the last may be an Italian still life and has almost a cubist feel to me. All compliment the store furniture nicely.
I'll try and be a bit more diligent going forward about before and process pics on future rehab pieces.
In the meantime, I'd love to hear if you have anymore info on the Broyhill Facet suite.


  1. I've never heard of the Facet line till now. You're absolutely right that the double-fold doors will be great for someone looking for a TV stand. It looks great. And, wow, you're so lucky that the stitching was all good on those chairs. I don't think I've ever seen one, including my own that I sold recently, that didn't have stitches pulled loose from the vinyl. I love that last picture! It's really cool.

    1. Thanks Dana, I doubt the Facet piece will last through the weekend depending on traffic and the Eames set is in amazingly great shape. The sellers had it sitting out on an open air patio with just a roof over it. Couldn't tell how long it had been there but it was pretty dirty. I love that still life as well!

  2. All absolutely stunning pieces! The art is gorgeous, too.