Friday, September 10, 2010

Magic?? No, Just a passion for bringing the abused back to glory...

Here are some of the once finest examples of American made furniture that we have had the pleasure to return to their previous condition, perhaps even better than original. It never ceases to amaze me the poor condition some of these pieces came to us in and (what where they thinking??) when they painted or "refinished" them.
Heywood Wakfield Ashcraft bar and stools painted in a thin brown paint

Restored and found a very happy new owner!

One of our clients table and chairs here in central Tampa. Classic wishbone table and dogbone chairs. They purchased abused but at least not desicrated like the bar and stools.

As shown on the first post. Finished in "champagne". Beautiful and ready for another 50-60 years of service.

Sarasota clients Khorinoor dresser and chest. Some heavy wear and tear that needed a facelift to match their great decor and other mid-century pieces in their home. Really nice pieces!!
Refinished in "champagne" and back at home. A perfect match for the rest of this great house...

Pair of 1504G step end tables. Someone when to a lot of trouble to almost ruin these table. One of the more petite tables and one of the best H/W designs in our humble opinion. Not the best pics but someone had restained a dark walnut (YUK!!)

Yes, if you have pieces that someone else has done something horrible to we can fix this. These are redone and for sale along with a matching round cocktail table (1508G) all in original "wheat" finish. Cocktail is currently on display @ Sherry's Yesterdaze. 5207 N. Florida Ave. Tpa 33603. Pricing is on a previous post.

Couple of M157A side chairs that someone thought would look "great" painted with a white speckled paint and reupholstered with a god awful gold and turquoise brocade fabric. I found these for a client that I had previously refinished a table and 4 chairs that need a couple of more to complete their set.

The refinish matched perfectly to the prior work, refinished in champagne and recovered in some of the customers "Hermann Miller" designed fabric. Another satisfied customer.

We have refinished a bunch more but this provides a good representation of what we can accomplish here at
 A Modern Line. Clients that we have done work for would be happy to provide references upon request so feel free to contact us either through this site or at and follow us on this blog for further updates of new offerings or other ventures into the world of Mid-Century modern. We will post more upcoming items for sale finished or unfinished in the near future..
Thanks for taking a look!!
A Modern Line

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