Monday, September 6, 2010

A Modern Line Heywood/Wakefield refinshing and other Mid-Century marvels

Thanks for stopping in and checking us out! A Modern Line is devoted to the restoration/ refinishing of Heywood Wakefield Modern furniture and other Mid-Century Modern pieces in the Tamps Bay area as well as providing an array of other mid century marvels in furniture and d├ęcor for your consideration. If you love furniture and accessories from the mid 1900’s you’ve come to the right place!

Our core business is refinishing/restoring Modern Line Heywood Wakefield furniture. The H/W company was in business many years beginning in 1826 and produced some of the best quality furniture manufactured in the U.S.. Modern Line furniture is made predominantly from solid northern yellow birch that was manufactured from the mid/late 40’s through the early 60’s. The company utilized period designers to create furniture that set the standard for what would become “modern” furniture for years to come. Although much of this furniture is now 50- 60 years old and has taken a toll from abuse over the years we can bring almost all pieces back to “new” condition. We can refinish most pieces in either of the most popular “Wheat” or “Champagne” finishes. These finishes match the original H/W finishes. Even if you have pieces that were originally finished in some of the other finishes that H/W offered or you think are “basket cases” that aren’t worth saving there is a good probability that they can be brought back to their original glory.

Our refinishing area is located in central Tampa area and arrangements can be made to pick up/drop off your pieces for a nominal charge. Arrangements for transportation for customers outside the Tampa Bay area can be negotiated as needed.

We also offer other midcentury furniture and accessories for sale. Please keep checking back in to see what we currently have in inventory. Some of the H/W pieces are not yet finished and you may buy as/is or select a finish that suits your needs.

We don’t currently offer online sales so if you see something that catches your interest please contact us and we can make arrangements for your purchase and delivery of your items.

We appreciate your interest. Please feel free to post on the site, follow us and please tell a friend! We appreciate your patronage!!

A Modern Line

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