Monday, October 24, 2011

Twin sons of different mothers update...

Got a chance to start working on the sons this weekend. Actually Monday as that's part of my particular weekend but who's counting days off. Got both dissasembled and ready to start stripping. As it turns out both had some structural issues and one in particular that I hadn't noticed earler. Some fracturing of the bottom shelf to the sides that someone had rescrewed but at least it's not in the visible area of the finsihed product so no big deal overall. Someone had attemped to relocate the legs but did a poor job and did the piece no favors in the attempt.

In my experience I would guess these tables were manufactured at different locations or at totally different time periods.This table was produced from 1950-1955 and although the main plant was in Gardner, Mass they had several other plants as well. The champagne piece has a hand inscribed identification and the sable one is stamped with it's number although not a finish as is the champagne piece. One is dated but the red stamp (common to the all other date stamps I've seen) is illegible. These date stamps remind me of the old stampers seen in the library books and don't hold up well over the years although some have survived time and wear and are clear.

First sand is done and the twin sons are starting to look a little more like the twins they are. Some staining issues with ink or oil on one and may consider bleaching both to try and rectify but will wait until after we hit both again with the next sand.
If you love the furniture and really enjoy seeing it come back from the dead and have worked as many pieces as I have you come to realize that no two are the same when it comes down to bringing them back. That's the adventure and the challenge. I hope to post the finished pieces up within the next week along with some killer pics of the Sputnik lights with their proper bulbs and hopefully some more MCM fun stuff. Thanks for takng a look!

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  1. I just acquired a table like these...I'm curious how are you planning to fix the screw ports that have been broken out? (on the bottom of the piece the legs fit onto) Thanks and good luck