Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Broyhill room divider and an update on the M364G tables

Well, the Broyhill room divider that was in an earlier post went to a new home. I had posted on CL as I didn't have room on the floor for it immediately and had one response from a scammer (stupid fools they are) and one from a local dealer who didn't have the time to stop by and passed. We try and keep all our stuff priced to give to a new home and still stay in business! Well space became available and I had just put the piece on our floor at Kaleidoscope and redecorated and there you go...someone falls in love and has to have it the first day I display the damn piece. Loved to make the sale, but pieces like this don't come through the door everyday!

Still working on the "twins". It's getting hard for me to tell them apart at this point. I passed on bleaching the tops as they were at the marginal point where they were pretty much good as they are.
One and two coats down and ready put down the last two.

Yes, I think when these have the last two coats of finish no one will be able to tell that they weren't from the same family.Totally love bringing these back to original (well sort of) condition!  My apologies to you lovers of the sable finish but I can't replicate. Wheat and chanpagne only and I have refinishing clients that are adamant for their particular finish either way.
Still haven't received the proper bulbs for the Sputnik lights but am eagerly waiting to get out on our floor soon. We also picked up a Saarinen style tulip table and 4 chairs from one of our consignors that will be going into one of our stores soon. No, it's not a Knoll or a Burke piece but a really nice vintage set just the same.
Next post should be about the lights and the completed "twin sons" side by side (see if you can tell which is which)...and maybe some shots of the Saarinen dinette.
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  1. So envious...not only of the new owner of the Broyhill Saga room divider (!) but of your Hey / Wake resuscitation skillz! Man, I really might have to come down there and take a class next spring break (the Girlfriend is a school teacher).