Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exactly 4 views short of 40,000 as I write this post! For a person that is so irregular about posting, I feel honored! Thanks! Oh yeah! and another project piece! Sweet little bar rehab!

When I started this blog over two years ago I originally intended to see if there was any interest out there in Heywood-Wakefield refinishing and facilitate some conversation on the subject. I'd throw in some other mid-mod stuff to help fill the page. It started very slowly and it took quite a bit of time to pick up even a few lookers to see what it was about. I was only refinishing as a long term hobby and had a regular job to pay the bills and I started following other like minded mid century modern bloggers. Yes, I was a real rookie at the blog thing. Just something to say and maybe someone might be interested!
By most blog standards I'm really small potatoes as far a views and followers but I'm greatful to all that take the time to take a look. I now own my own successful store here in Tampa and feel I've really found my niche. H/W is not neccesarily my main focus anymore but I still work on vintage pieces on a regular basis for customers that need help and I'm always happy to offer advise to those that want to go the DIY route. Just wanted to give a big thanks to you that love rehabbing anything MCM and for following along!
My wife recently picked up a small bar that she "surprised" me with during a recent road trip. She just loves to find me project pieces and although we are moving pieces through the store so quickly, it was still a pretty nice find...

This particular piece used to have an extention off to the right side that was totally missing. Well the rest looked worth the trouble. It has a drop down bar that originally lighted with the drop down lowered and a very nice art deco fixture with an old fluorescent bulb that no longer worked.
It was obvious that at least the outside of the case had absorbed a bit too much use over the years for just some Howards RAF and needed to be redone. The manufacturer had done a really nice job with the finish but it finally succumbed to the sander. Not quite as easy as expected!

To keep this story a bit shorter than the time I've spent, I'll just say that as much as I'd have loved to keep the chrome art deco fixture intact, it wasn't really visible from standing in front of the piece unless you were laying on the floor and the bulb was so obscure that even my best sources had never even seen one like it and I'm sure they were outlawed years ago so I had to retrofit with a newer fixture. Thankfully the compression switch still worked and I was able to rewire so it works great!

The last two lighted pics don't do this justice but shoud have some better pics up on our Facebook page once we get into the store. If you don't already like us on FB take a sec and you can see some of the other things I've had the pleasure to rehab but haven't had the time to post about here.
I'm always happy to help out fellow rehab types with tips and hints on H-W or any mid-mod pieces you'd either like to have restored or would like to do yourself!
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  1. Congratulations on the page views! Yours is a blog I love following! Even though I don't refinish, I enjoy reading your well-written descriptioins of the rehabs you do. Congrats on the bar too. It's a real beauty, and I bet it won't last long at the store.

  2. As always, I appreciate your comments and your blog is a must read for anyone that has an interest in anything MCM. You are such a great resource of information! I really keep up the blog for more of an interest of mine, but love being able to connect to like minded MCM people who have an interest!

  3. Great job refinishing the bar and kudos to your wife on a great find! Is this for sale in the store?

  4. Thanks! I should have it on the floor by next Wednesday.