Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally some pics of some Pearsall and a couple of unusual pieces just yearning for some rehab!

I've been more than a bit behind keeping up with my posts but you may remember my past posts on the extensive Adrian Pearsll pieces I acquired a while ago. This particular piece came to me either painted black or in the original ebony finish. Bit hard to tell, but it was not getting any love here in the store so I decided to refinish the frame and recover. Here's how we looked originally. Not too inspiring for potential customers:

Although beautifully lined, the black and the somewhat worn goldish fabric wasn't bringing the love. The rehab looks great and it likely won't be hanging around long! Top pics!
I've had my hands full here at A Modern Line trying to keep new merchandise on the floor as business has been brisk in the last couple of months. Trying to balance acquiring new stuff with some fun refinish projects for others. More about these in another post!
My latest rehab/refinish are a couple of pieces I'd never crossed paths with until now. Two small chests manufactured by the Grand Rapids Furniture company under the name Sligh furniture and the suite name is presumably "Cross Country". These are very well made cabinets with, fortunately, nice thick veneers as they weren't in the best of condition.

Obviously I had some work to do to bring these up to speed!

I opted to only sand the faces of the drawers and doors as getting into the balance would prove to be too labor intensive and the two-tone look worked for me. They looked pretty good after the staining.
The doored unit has 4 drawers behind the doors but there was a couple of cross supports below the second drawer that made a nice frame to insert a masonite board shelf below and still have the drawer close smoothly. A nice clean inch and a quarter hole in the back panel and voila, a place for your video components with the drawer removed!

It's always nice to be able to offer options to my customers and this modification should certainly help sell the pieces!
Looking pretty on the floor with the new clothes!
I'm finally finding a little time to get caught up on some post ideas and next up will be a rehab of an Eames vintage DCM chair that had some serious issues. Stay tuned!


  1. Both restorations are beautiful! I agree that the Pearsall piece looks like a completely different chair!

    1. Thanks Dana, The Pearsall just looked so bland in the black and the gold upholstery was lack luster as well. It's already found a new home thanks to the redo!

  2. Did you happen to have to repair any of the veneer on that piece of cross country cabinet? I have a dresser that my dad is refinishing for me and we have a spot in the veneer that needs fixed. Please offer any advice you may have.