Monday, December 19, 2011

Heywood Wakefield (rare?) nesting tables, new vintage lamps and a fun MCM sofa!

In taking a closer look at the factory marks on my H/W nesting tables I discovered that they are clearly marked as C312 models not the M312G. Now for the average H/W fan this is not a big deal. However in both the Rouland and Schiffer catalogs currently available there is no listing for this particular model number and the C designation is reserved for pre 1950's production. One of my particular tables is factory stamped with Dec. 29 1948! Hmmm, did the authors miss an otherwise unknown version?

I know this is likely TMI for most following the blog but I still found interesting as I've been fooling around for the last ten years or more with H/W and haven't come across this particular conundrum. The Schiffer book has production listed from 50-54 and the Rouland book from 49-53 for the M312G model. What's a couple of months anyway and the tables are the same dimensions so who cares? I guess we all have our own hairs to split on what we specialize in and this is mine. Here's some after pics with the ladies in their new champagne oufits...

Definetely one of the most delicate and still utilitarian set of pieces that H/W made. It's no wonder that there are so few still around as with the petite design, most probably met their demise being carelessly moved to new homes. I will definetely be taking into the store tomorrow! Carefully!
Met a new MCM lover a couple of weeks ago that had hosted a Brady Bunch themed party at his home and had some leftovers he was unloading on CL along with this sofa. I should have taken some pics of the elaborate props he had made just for the party but didn't have my camera with me. Yes, it was a little more traditional than my usual taste but still way fun...

This is the only shot I got before loading and may post more going forward. Nice early 70's style!

Last up are a couple of nice but not particularly wow table lamps that I picked up sans the shades. Both needed a really good going over, some rewireing and new hats. Fortunately we have a pretty nice collection here at home and I found a way to punch these lamps up a bit.

Topped the first one with a bit of wooly greenish vintage topper. This would look so good on a Broyhill Brasilia end table! The other is a walnut flare that looks pretty with it's mod fiberglass swirl motif. Yes, it is a bit of mismatch for periods, but in my humble opinion still looks swell! I should have spent a bit more time setting up the pics but had bigger fish to fry...

Just got started on the 50's blond sofa and hope to post after Christmas on the ongoing results and the new recover and refinsihing...Here's where we stand as of today...

Probably won't get a chance again to post until after Christmas so here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! Hope to post more before the New Year....


  1. The tables look fabulous. You do an unbelievable job of refinishing HW, which I hear is quite difficult. I love the lamp with the wooly green shade!

  2. @Dana, The refinsihing has been a passion for many years and I'm the first to admit I'm a bit anal about the process. Consistency I've found is the key to every piece and although labor intensive, it pays off. Not for the impatient person that needs immediate gratification. :)

  3. the tables look so smooth, i just want to walk up and touch them!
    you did a great job.