Monday, December 5, 2011

Road Trip!! Plus Sputnik update and some other incidental stuff...

Finally gave up on finding some reasonably priced "starlite" bulbs for the Sputnik lights. Non available locally and the auction sites were running 4 bucks a bulb plus and as I needed twenty for the two lights I figured I'd let the new owners buy their own so I wouldn't have to pass the cost along. They may even be happy with the current ones until they score some at a better price.

Both are really nice lights and very much vintage. The first is a flush mount 8 arm and would be great for a hall or foyer and the other is a stemmed 12 arm chandelier that's really stunning. Hopefully the new owners will spring for the correct bulbs...
Had a pretty good week on the furniture side as I finally had someone with great taste take away this H/W M320 desk and rayback chair that I'd refinished and recovered the chair seat with an atomic print barkcloth material. Not exactly correct for the chair but just too cool and I only had enough material to recover the one seat, so there you go...

Also out the door was this very nice danish sofa and chair that I'd cleaned up and restored the frames and we had our friends recover. I really need to get a good commercial sewing machine and try my hand at this, but this is how I could never make it look anyway with this material.

Pic isn't the best but the chair is the high back version that you don't see every day. I think the last sofa seat cushion in this pic is accidentally turned around but the couple that does our upholstery work have been doing for years and are really good at what they do. They can redo literally any job and I'm so glad to be able to call on them...

With a few holes to fill I put this fully refinished H/W "Riviera" vanity out along with the pouffe stool (recovered by my pros). Really should have gotten some better pics before I cluttered the top but you get the idea.
We're on the way back from a buying trip from Tampa to Clinton, TN (somewhere northwest of Knoxville) and we picked up a whole van full of new aquisitions that I hope to get up on the blog soon...It was only supposed to be a trip to go after a  H/W knockoff sofa and 3 piece H/W Ashcraft sectional that both needed work but this dealer had so much fun stuff in their place at reasonable prices we filled our poor little van to almost bursting. I'm guessing we are still going to have to make a few stops on the way back home and try and stuff the remaining crevasses with a few smalls and make plans for the next go round.
Hope to get some cool pics up in a couple of days with the "haul" and how much you can cram into a Dodge Caravan. Don't you just love productive "road trips"!!!
As always you are free to comment. Talk to you soon........


  1. Love the couch and chair set. The upholstery really looks great.

  2. These are the ones that I use:

  3. @vincebravo..thanks a bunch for the link. I searched high and low. Nice to have good connections!