Saturday, December 10, 2011

So, How much stuff can you pack into a Dodge Caravan??

We had originally slated our road trip for 4 days, but after jamming the van at the first stop it would just be heartbreaking to window shop with no room left to put anything so we made it home on the third day. Here's what the van looked like before I started to disgorge the haul.

Thankfully the van has two side doors or I could have never pulled this off. Like I'd mentioned in the last post we had originally gone to pick up a couple of sofas.
 Nice vintage 3 piece Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft sectional. Yes, it really needs to be reupholstered and the frame needs a few wraps replaced and a good cleaning up. Really like the original fabric and I'd like to go with something close to this if I can find for a reasonable price.

This 50's blond sofa had lines that were so close to the H/W Aristocrat line that I couldn't pass it up. I did cheat a bit and removed the legs and arms to get in the van. Put the arms back on for the pics and hopefully in a few weeks you can see it in it's recovered glory. Cushions and nice barkcloth fabric have already been taken to the shop for it's new look and I should have the frame up to speed by the time they're ready.
How about a nice vintage cracked ice serving cart? The chrome on this is in great condition unlike most of these you see. A wrought iron table that's begging for a new top to replace the floor tile someone thought looked just dandy, and an industrial hat/coat rack, and yes!! a fun and unusual 2 light floor lamp!!!

A pair of  carved funky faces. These are so light they may be balsa wood..I think I may have a plan to make these babies pop!

Two gold plated 3 legged marble top tables and a pair of fun vintage lamps. Too bad the shades aren't vintage, but I may have another vintage set that would "cool" these up a bit and hey, they came with the lamps so I guess I can't complain too much.
You probably didn't notice in one of the first pics that underneath everything else there's a little bit of a 50's gray industrial full size desk hiding in there. I ran out of energy to unload just to take pics and it went straight to my wifes store. It was almost the deal breaker for space! We also had a few bags of smalls, ashtrays, glassware, etc. And just when you'd think that must be it and how did he do it, the last of the haul are probably my favorite pieces.

These M312 G nesting tables were not going to get left behind even if I had to take a bus home. We really need a full size van in the family.I had to drive with my knees up my nose for hours! Sure they need to be refinished, but hey this is what I love and you don't see complete undamaged sets like this everyday. Sweet!!! I can't wait to get started on these and the sofa and hope to get some finished "after" pics up soon.
And yes, the pole lamp looks great in the store and I'm sure it will be going to a new home quickly! It looks like it may have been made by the same manufacturer as this funky bent teak "frond" beauty we already have in the store..

Post again soon...


  1. Great looking pieces! And I know all about vehicles stuffed to near-bursting. Right now I have two huge Milo Baughman chairs and a huge box of smalls in the back of my Jeep Liberty. :)

  2. @ Dana: I'm so happy to be a FB fan as I get to see your stuff pre-blog. We also have a FB page that you can search @ Kaleidoscope for the home if anyone in the Tampa Bay area or others that have an interest. I try and keep new pieces up at least once or twice a week. A couple of months ago we rented a GMC cargo van to deliver a sectional out to Orlando area for a customer as my wifes previous van was totalled in an accdent. Ten foot of cargo space and we brought back totally full of stuff that would never have fit in our current van. Serious full size van envy, but not in our current budget..

  3. Thanks for the follow...we have similar MCM taste! I have a couple of reupholstery projects waiting in the wings for me to get brave enough to tackle them. That Plycraft re-up was a great one to see! I am taking a re-up class in Jan so I am hoping my project will come to completion soon. Love your blog and now following :)