Sunday, November 27, 2011

Plycraft chair restoration Part 4 and the last of this adventure...

With an almost half a day to try and finish up, I finally got back to the Plycraft chair that I've been working on. I knew I was facing a major challenge with the sides, but soon found that I had underestimated how much fabric I had for the project. Thankfully the fabric is busy enough that the pattern diffence doesn't show up too badly. Seriously, this was a bitch to recover the sides and try and keep somewhat straight along with trying to realign the sides back to their original positions.
But first the last pics of the base....

My obvious lack of talent is pretty obvious for a disciminating eye but still looks better than the holes that are left from abuse. Trust me, the pics look better than the results. Still working on getting better...
Mr. Mod and others that may have an interest, this is a butane heated flat blade that baiscally melts different lacquer based sticks of various colors and claritiy to fill gaps or chips in any type of problem areas. Needless to say, you need to search out a dealer in your particular home town as they don't sell these at yout local big box store...
OK, let's start wth the sides...Like I said, I was basically running on empty with the fabic and had to make due with the remainder I had left to work with after doing the seat and back. Could have sworn I had more than enough...
With another half yard of fabric I could have probabaly gotten a perfect match on both sides, but this will have to do. Considered going with another complimetary fabric for the sides but  I think this looks pretty good so far. Would have liked to get both sides perfectly aligned but the finished product looks pretty good! Chips look Ok although not my best work The leg was really too large of an area to just fill with this type of repair, but short of trying to cut a new piece, it was the best idea I could come up with.
Well for all of you that may be following along, here's the Plycraft shell chair restored to the best of my particular abilities. Don't think I'm quite ready to start working on someone elses chair, but this has been way fun and a major challnge.

I'm overall pretty happy with the end results and hope to get in our store soon. Not like it takes up a bunch of space and with any luck will go to a new home soon!
Price of materisls - $35 give or take..
Price of labor - 15-20 plus hours
Overall satifiaction with the experience and learnig something new - priceless
Hope to post again soon with the next fun projects!!
Feel free to comment if  you'd like, althought I do moderate posts prior to posting but try and get them up at least within a few hours. Thanks for taking a look as always!


  1. I found E-Z Flow and and PlaneStick brands of burn in sticks on the Mohawk site. What brand did you use?

  2. @Dana. I use the EZ flow sticks. They sell an assorted box of 30 sticks that have several colors and opacities and I can buy others from our local dealer as I need them. The asst. box is the M316-3000. Hope this helps and thanks for following...

  3. That turned out amazing! I really like the fabric.

  4. That looks GORGEOUS! You have serious skills in this department.