Friday, January 6, 2012

Close to done MCM square cocktail sans a pedigree and some other fun stuff

Well the "donated" MCM square cocktail is pretty much ready to go...After researching, I could still find no pedigree, and does it really matter? A nice piece of furniture should speak for itself and this one does...For those that missed an earlier post, here's how the table came to me...

If I was feeling generous, I may have given someone $10-$20 bucks for this and hoped I may have a shot at somewhat restoring. I have a soft spot in my heart for pieces like this that have been so abused and I can't bear to see them go to a dump or someones fireplace.
Rather than try and fill the rather major chunk out of the one side of the top drawer, which would have not held up anyway, I decided to just break out the Dremel sander and try and try and replicate for the other side. Didn't turn out too bad and after much sanding and stain rework along with some shorty MCM brass tipped legs I had stashed away I think this will go into my category of "success" stories.

As I mentioned earlier, the casters had to go, and I happened to have a set of 4 short 6" legs in my collection that I thought would work and they did, although I could only find flat mounting plates at the big box and had to do a little work with the vise to flare them out. Here's the finished product...

Probably should have waited and taken better daytime pics, but you get the general idea. I think someone will give this piece a happy home soon for years to come!
I had more than one project going on while working on this beauty. I acquired  a couple of laminate top step end tables and a round cocktail table right after I picked up this corner table which I disassembled, cleaned up and repainted a bit.

No, it's not a high end piece, but neither were the other pieces that came my way. I like to have a nice variety of pieces that I can offer to someone on more limited budgets and still have some nicely made furniture from the day. Here's the step end and cocktail that originally had cream legs and uprights for the step ends. Wish I had thought to take some before pics for contrast. They are so much prettier now!

These will make someones home a happier place too...

Working on relacing a nice two tier fiberglass shade for the new lamp acquisition and will post when done. Hope all are off to a happy and healthy New Year.


  1. That really turned out nice! It was hard to tell what it was supposed to be in the before. Those legs look like they were meant to be.

  2. Wow...what a transformation of the square cocktail table. I agree that a good mix of affordable pieces and high end pieces makes for more customers. We do the same thing.

  3. VH, Thanks, I have to agree these legs look like they could have been original equipment. Close enough for me anyway...
    Dana, Thanks, I love seeing pieces like this turn out better than expected...On to the next fun project...

  4. That little table turn out great. You can tell you put time and patience into that one!

  5. Rachael, Yes, it did take some time and it's not too small. Actually 30 inches square and about 14 inches high and very substantially built...

  6. Nice saves! Makes me proud to have you on my list of blogs.

  7. Mr. Mod, Thanks for your kind words and links. I found many interesting MCM folks and great info through your blog. Keep up the goood work!!

  8. What a transformation on that little table, nice work. I'm glad to find your blog too, I hope I can learn a little from your work.

  9. Uncle A, thanks for your kind comments. It's admittedly a labor of love as I'm sure it is in your case as well. Not work when you love what you do...The learning is reciprocal!!