Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Couple of new MCM acquisitions and a sandpaper review?

Spent yesterday running around across Tampa Bay chasing a few C/L ads for a couple of MCM pieces in our sister Pinellas County and came away with a few finds. Couple of dressers that I will have to post about later as I neglected to get pics before stowing in my front room, but I did pick up a nice laminate corner table, nice atomic clock and lamp base (like I need more lamps) along with the dressers.

All need some kind of work. This is the story of my life. Working to keep these things from the landfill and trying to put back into appreciative hands and homes!
No identifying marks on the corner table but the laminate is in great condition. The clock is a Seth Thomas and will likely need a new mechanism although the guts seem to be working. Probably left in too humid conditons for too long. Love the look of the lamp base even without a shade and should be able to find something appropriate in my stash with a bit of luck. It' going to freeze here in Tampa tonight so I'm not going to get anything done this evening. I really need to get our living room cleaned out so we can use our fireplace for the next cold night!

One last note about the sandpaper review:
A couple of weeks ago I went to my local big box home improvement store to pick up my usual contractor packs of sandpaper (I go through sandpaper like people go through toilet paper) only to discover that my usual supply of Norton hook and loop paper had been upsurped by a new Diablo brand (hook and lock).

 I've been using Norton (made in Canada) for years and was not a happy camper about the unexpected change. That said, I didn't have much of a choice and needed this now!
The new brand is partially manufactured in the Czech Republic and assembled in Switzerland? I know this sounds strange. However after using this product I can say I'm pleasantly suprised by the quality and longevity and also the price as in the long term I'm saving a few bucks in the long term. However you have to commit to larger packs (50 as opposed to Nortons 25) but for a better deal overall.
Most of my readers could care less about this particular review, but for those that do, I like to hear your personal feedback. Please feel free to leave comments on this or any post you have an interest in.
Thanks for taking a look!!


  1. Hey there! I saw the exact same corner table (minus the goldtone leg covers) at Canton, Texas this weekend. The dude wanted 35 bucks but I had not an inch of space left in the HHR...sure liked it though and I like your blog too! 8-)

  2. Love your finds! We sold the matching end and coffee tables to that corner table a few years ago when we had a booth at an antique mall.

  3. that lamp is way cool, love the blue and gold together~Rachael

  4. Crystal, thanks for taking a look and commenting. I try to keep it somewhat interesting...
    Dana, Just had two step ends and a round cocktail come my way today and although not a perfect match I thnk I can make them compliment the corner table...
    Rachael, Yes, I couldn't resist the colors either and think I may have a nice green fiberglass shade that may go, but will have to break up a pair...

  5. Great lamp and clock. I've done several clock conversions - it's fun to give new life to this stuff.

  6. Uncle A, I've tried to get on board to follow you blog a couple of times and it doesn't seem to stick. I'll keep trying as I enjoy your blog as well...