Monday, January 2, 2012

One drop dead gorgeous sofa, and a question for my readers?

Finally completed the 50's blond sofa and am I happy? Let's just say that I've been working on Heywood Wakefield and other MCM stuff for the last ten years plus and this is one piece that is going to be hard to part with!

The frame turned out just as planned with the new center leg and all the imperfections resolved. If anything it was a bit better then even I expected. Not that I thought this would be a quick fix and it surely wasn't, but overall very happy with the time spent.
Yes, it even looks good from behind and would have no problem sitting in the middle of the room, but it looks way better face on. My upholsterey people rock!

Enough about the sofa. I have acquired a donated cocktail table that has been through several incarnations and although it's a very nicely constructed piece of furniture I don't see any mark or pedigree. I'm hoping you my readers, will be able to provide some insight. Here is the table as it came to me...

The castors are obviously not original equipment. I see apron lines where it once had some type of legged base and it appears to have been recoated with a brushed on varnish sometime in the distant past. As I said, this was once a quality piece of furniture with nice dovetailed joints and solid wood under a very thick walnut veneer. One of the drawer faces has been broken away a bit and one of the pull areas has suffered some damage, but I think I can at least make this piece a handsome addition for someones home, pedigree or not....

I just had to break out the sander to see what was under all the misbegotten best intentions that someone had inflicted. Not too shabby for starters!

If you have any clue as to a manufacturer or some lead on the design, I'd love for you to comment!
Hope you all have a great and safe New Year!!


  1. The sofa is spectacular. I can see why you don't want to part with it. I don't recognize the other piece, but I'll see if my son-in-law does.

  2. Thanks Dana,
    I plan on trying to do some more research myself. The quality is too nice. I'd love to see how it looked originally...

  3. Gorgeous sofa! I'm amazed at how well the upholstery matches on the cushions.

  4. VH, Yes my upholstery people always do a super job making sure everything is lined up perfectly. Sure sign of professionals...

  5. Just found this post poking around online today. I love this sofa and have the matching chair, rocker and end table to this set. It belonged to my parents and was the first living room set they had. Their sofa was a sleeper that would lay flat and also had a storage compartment on the bottom. Arm and legs were the same blonde birch. I have never seen this set online and I've looked. Would love to get a loveseat that would match. suppose I could always go with the HW Aristocraft. Was great fun to see this today.

    1. This was the first time I'd seen this particular sofa. It's obviously someones attempt to duplicate the Aristocrat line and they did a nice job! I noticed the subtle differences right away, but this would look just fine with an Aristocraft loveseat if they were refinished the same way. Do you have any pics of your pieces you'd like to share?